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What is activated carbon?

Activated Carbon is a black, solid (powdered, granular or pellet) material resembling charcoal. It is an extremely porous material with a high surface area, one Gram of Activated Carbon can have a surface area of as much as 1400 M2.It is not hard to imagine amount of enormous surface area such a small volume.


Activated Carbon can be manufactured from any carbonaceous material like wood, saw dust, coal, lignite, fruit shells etc. either by Chemical activation which entails impregnation of a chemical on the raw material and heating it to temperature above 450 °C or by steam activation wherein superheated steam is reacted with a carbonized material at a high temperature (900-1200 °C) in a rotary kiln or fix bed vertical kiln.

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What are Applications of Activated carbon?

Activated carbon used in most of purification prevent in applications such as:  Water & Wast water treatment, Decolorization, Solvent recovery, Acidic, Alkali, Cyanide, Radioactivity toxic gases removal, Military toxic gases removal, Precious metals extraction, Catalyst and catalyst carrier, Medicinal usage and other Special usage. More.....

Our Raw materials ......

We've selected the best raw materials with a special sensitivity for achieve to highest quality Activated Carbon.

 Our resources for provide walnuts and almonds shell are from the best almond and walnut industrial manufacturers in Iran and we selected our needed lignite and bituminous coal provider from the best factories and resources suitable for production Activated carbon.