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احیا مجدد انواع کربن فعال برای استفاده دوباره در فرایندهای جذب


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 وزین کربن با در اختیار داشتن تجهیزات و تخصص احیا فیزیکی و شیمیایی انواع کربن فعال, احیاکننده انواع کربن فعال با حداقل افت کیفیت و وزن محصول با تضمین احیای صد در صدی قدرت جذب اولیه کربن با قابلیت احیای انواع کربن اکتیو مستعمل باکاربردهای مختلف صنعتی، غذایی، دارویی و غیره

 تجهیزات سایت احیا کارخانه شامل کوره های احیای کربن فعال، ستونهای شستشوی شیمیایی، خشک کن و دیگر ملزمات وابسته

احیا کننده کربن فعال با کاربردهای مختلف از قبیل : تصفیه آب, تصفیه آمین, تصفیه فاضلاب, کربن فعال حامل کاتالیست, کربن فعال ماسکهای گاز , جاذب گازهای اسیدی, جاذب گازهای قلیایی, بازیافت حلال, تصفیه حلالها و تمامی دیگر کاربردهای کربن فعال فقط در تناژهای بالا آماده همکاری با کلیه پالایشگاهها, پتروشیمی ها , شرکتهای خصوصی و دولتی

 آنالیز کربن احیا شده بشرح زیر می باشد :


Purchase and use the invention for industrial application



This invention pertains to the Insitu regeneration of granular activated carbon.


Granular activated carbon (GAC) is used in many purification processes. It has been used in the decolorization of food, pharma and chemical plants. It is also used in water treatment, and other separation and purification processes. ​ 

However, after a period of use the GAC surface becomes occupied by adsorbed impurities, and its effectiveness decreases. It eventually becomes necessary to replace or regenerate the GAC.

Conventional regeneration techniques involve heating GAC to very high temperatures (T≈900° C.). This thermal process requires special handling equipment, storage silos, and an expensive kiln. On-site thermal processing is not economically justifiable in regions with short growing seasons. The alternative has often been to discard fouled GAC or to transport tons of GAC to specialized carbon kiln facilities dedicated to the thermal regeneration process. The thermal process also has significant environmental impact and economic consequences, Large amounts of energy are required for kiln operation; substantial amounts of CO2 are released into the environment; GAC adsorbates are released into the atmosphere in reactive, oxidized and partially-oxidized states; The heated GAC bed releases particulate matter and other pollutants into the atmosphere; and ​ . Some GAC is lost in the process, both through oxidation and through mechanical degradation to unusably-small GAC particles.

We have discovered a simple, economical process and Have "New exclusive technology"​  tested and reliable methods for regenerating granular activated carbon. The novel regeneration process employs inexpensive compounds, and requires very simple equipment that can find in everywhere. It is well-suited to be implemented on-site and in-situ with No need to remove the spent carbons from filters or transferring them from your plants to another places.
That can reactivate spent carbon for several times ( More than 10 times )​ ​  with very low costs payment comparing to replace with virgin carbon, With more than 95 percent adsorption power recovery but just with 10% virgin activated carbon costs.

Regenerated Activated Carbon   "G Group"



Large surface area

Strong adsorption capacity

High mechanical strength

Developed pore structure

Economy and durability

Great wear resistance strength etc

Analysis Project

Test Data

Analysis Project

Test Data

Iodine volume  ( ISIRI 8938  )

900-950 mg/gr

Strength  ( ISIRI 8935 )



>980 m2/gr

Methylene blue value

180-200 mg/gr

The total pore volume



Packing density (  ISIRI 8933 )

0.45-0.40 gr/cm3

Particle size

US Mesh

Ash ( ISIRI 8934 )

10 % Max

Moisture ( ISIRI 8939 )

8-5  Max  %

Packaging and Storage:  480  kg Big bag

Delivery Time: 20 Days

vazin carbon Co,Ltd Activated carbon manufacturer
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What is activated carbon?

Activated Carbon is a black, solid (powdered, granular or pellet) material resembling charcoal. It is an extremely porous material with a high surface area, one Gram of Activated Carbon can have a surface area of as much as 1400 M2.It is not hard to imagine amount of enormous surface area such a small volume.


Activated Carbon can be manufactured from any carbonaceous material like wood, saw dust, coal, lignite, fruit shells etc. either by Chemical activation which entails impregnation of a chemical on the raw material and heating it to temperature above 450 °C or by steam activation wherein superheated steam is reacted with a carbonized material at a high temperature (900-1200 °C) in a rotary kiln or fix bed vertical kiln.

Our Activated carbon ....

We produce and offer wide range of Activated carbon for most of it's applications and We select the best of our activated carbon for each of the applications. Our Activated Carbon classified by type of raw material, Activation method, Iodine No, Size of pores, ash and etc.For more information just contact us.

What are Applications of Activated carbon?

Activated carbon used in most of purification prevent in applications such as:  Water & Wast water treatment, Decolorization, Solvent recovery, Acidic, Alkali, Cyanide, Radioactivity toxic gases removal, Military toxic gases removal, Precious metals extraction, Catalyst and catalyst carrier, Medicinal usage and other Special usage. More.....

Our Raw materials ......

We've selected the best raw materials with a special sensitivity for achieve to highest quality Activated Carbon.

 Our resources for provide walnuts and almonds shell are from the best almond and walnut industrial manufacturers in Iran and we selected our needed lignite and bituminous coal provider from the best factories and resources suitable for production Activated carbon.

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