Gas Phase Activated Carbon Adsorption System
"Mazraeh group" offer great range of granule Activated carbon and impregnated activated carbon for use in various vapour phase applications such as: chemical-military gas mask filters and adsorption filters systems for all of acidic, alkali, cyanide, radioactivity and other toxic compounds removal.
Manufacturer and provider types of impregnated activated carbon based on almond and walnut shells activated carbon.The impregnation with various chemical for chemical/physical adsorption for hazardous and toxic gases removal.
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The Factors Influencing Design and Operation
    There are a wide number of variables which influence the design and operation of vapour phase adsorption systems. This text has been prepared to highlight some of the factors which should be considered and to introduce the techniques which are available to define the effects of these variables.
In general, the areas which need to be
identified are:

Data on processing conditions:
   Concentration of adsorbate
   Temperature of vapour stream
   Relative humidity of vapour stream
   Flow rates and operating frequency
   Process operating pressure
   Pressure drop in system

Identification of characteristics of adsorbate:
   Relative molecular mass
   Boiling point
   Concentration relative to saturation vapour pressure
   Polarity of molecule

Selection of adsorbent for optimum efficiency:
   Study of adsorption isotherm data
   Selection of optimum activity level
   Physical requirements of adsorption system
   Cost analysis
   Consideration of thermal reactivation

Most important applications for activated carbon in liquid phase
Air purification
Flue gas treatment        
Solvent recovery  
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