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C Group Activated Carbon

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کربن فعال بر پایه ذغال سنگ آنتراسیت


Activated carbon  Anthracite Coal base "C Group"



Large surface area

 Strong adsorption capacity

High mechanical strength

Developed pore structure

Economy and durability

Great wear resistance strength etc

Analysis Project

Test Data

Analysis Project

Test Data

Iodine volume  ( ISIRI 8938  )

850-950 mg/gr

Strength  ( ISIRI 8935 )



>980 m2/gr

Methylene blue value

150-180 mg/gr

The total pore volume



Packing density (  ISIRI 8933 )

0.45-0.40 gr/cm3

Particle size

US Mesh

Ash ( ISIRI 8934 )

10 % Max

Moisture ( ISIRI 8939 )

5-8  Max  %

Packaging and Storage:  480  kg Big bag

Delivery Time: 20 Days

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