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Vazin carbon 合作有限公司活性炭制造商


本公司“Vazin carbon 合作,有限公司”与“Mazraeh集团”的商业品牌设在伊朗的伊斯法罕的名称。我们生产和提供活性炭应用与全球范围内的客户,帮助客户做出更好的体验与任何净化和治疗中的应用与最便宜的价格我们的产品质量最好的一百年的等级。





Vazin carbon co, Ltd Activated carbon manufacturer

  Our company  "Vazin carbon co, Ltd"  with  "Mazraeh group"  commercial brand name located in Isfahan-Iran. We

produce and provide one hundred grades of  activated carbon  for all of application with worldwide range customers

for help our client make better experiences with best quality of our products for any purification and treatment

application with the cheapest prices.

 We beginning our activity with research on laboratory production of various grades of  activated carbon in  2004

and now we are able to produce more than one hundred grades of carbon base adsorbent for various Industrial

applications such as: oil, natural gas, water,wast water treatment and purification Industries , petrochemical and etc.


We can produce and supply grades of activated carbon for any where of the worldwide customer with the best competitive prices.


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What is Activated carbon?

Activated Carbon is a black, solid (powdered, granular or pellet) material resembling charcoal. It is an extremely porous material with a high surface area, one Gram of Activated Carbon can have a surface area of as much as 1400 M2.It is not hard to imagine amount of enormous surface area such a small volume.

Activated Carbon can be manufactured from any carbonaceous material like wood, saw dust, coal, lignite, fruit shells etc. either by Chemical activation which entails impregnation of a chemical on the raw material and heating it to temperature above 450 °C or by steam activation wherein superheated steam is reacted with a carbonized material at a high temperature (900-1200 °C) in a rotary kiln or fix bed vertical kiln.More.....

Our Activated carbon ....

We produce and offer wide range of Activated carbon for most of it's applications and We select the best of our activated carbon for each of the applications. Our Activated Carbon classified by type of raw material, Activation method, Iodine No, Size of pores, ash and etc.For more information just contact us.