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What are Applications of Activated carbon?
Activated carbon for liquid phase for various usage such as potable water treatment, surface water treatment, wast water, decolonization, amine purification and etc in two forms of granule and powdered Activated carbon that manufacturer and offer with best quality of adsorption capacity.
Mazraeh group offer great range of granule Activated carbon and impregnated activated carbon for use in chemical-military gas mask filters and adsorption filters systems for all of acidic, alkali, cyanide, radioactivity and other toxic compounds removal with maximum adsorption and chemisorption level rate.
Granule activated carbon for use in fix bed adsorption systems and  powdered Activated carbon for injection equipment.
Our Activated carbon

Everyone hashad some contact with activated carbon. Its use in gas masks, for water purification, and for deodorization is well known.  The public is now learning about activated carbon through some of its new personal and house holduses.  Many are using filter tip cigarettes which contain activated carbon. Disposable activated carbon filters are being widely used in forced air furnaces and air conditioners.  The public knows from popular articles that activated carbon helps the atomic submarines to stay under water for weeks or months and manned space capsules to stay in orbit for many days.  Many have had contact with activated carbon in its industrial applications, and know of the beneficial ways it can be used.
The type of application where activated carbon gives the most outstanding performance is the removal of organic vapors with boiling points above room temperature.  These include the essential oils, solvents,organic intermediates, organic waste materials, in fact most of the odors that exist.  Of these, activated carbon takes up a quantity equal to about one-third of its own weight and will adsorb the vapors completely from concentrations varying from pure vapor down to a level so low that it can be neither smelled nor measured.
Manufacture and offer activated carbon for special applications such Extraction of precious metals - Catalyst and Catalyst carrier Activated carbon -Activated carbon for medicinal usage and chemical gas mask - High surface area activated carbon for use in super capacitor application.
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